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I started my working career as an Outdoor Instructor.  Teaching people how to rock climb, kayak, abseil, raft and a whole lot of other adrenaline creating activities.  Working with people who were outside their comfort zone taught me how to communicate effectively and in a way that helped keep them calm and comfortable in unknown situations.

After ten years in the Outdoor Industry, I decided it was time for a change.  Being away in the backcountry all the time was fun, but wasn’t the best lifestyle for raising a new family.  I had always been interested in building (my Dad is DIY King!) and I had done some extensive renovations on my own house, so decided it was the right career for me.

After completing a Pre Trade course at Southern Institute of Technology, I spent three years as an apprentice with a small residential building company in Christchurch.  With my National Certificate in Carpentry under my belt I ‘went out on my own’ in 2008.

Working directly with clients, I realised that building someone’s dream home is very similar to helping them over the edge of a 40m abseil cliff.  Most people haven’t done it before, don’t know what to expect and are quite often outside their comfort zone.

At Third Little Pig we understand that building or renovating is one of the biggest financial and emotional endeavours you will ever undertake.  Without the right help it can be stressful and confusing.  I take pride in being able to help you overcome these hurdles. Communicating well is what I am passionate about. It is our aim to make sure your build is stress free and enjoyable.

Since becoming a builder I have undertaken a wide range of building projects.  From conventional timber framed homes, to solid timber Lockwoods, Log Homes and a home lined completely with plywood.  A lot of these homes were not standard gib, plaster and paint type projects.  Acute attention to detail is required.  Building becomes an art.  When working with Third Little Pig, you can be sure we will listen carefully to your requirements, we will take time to ensure we interpret your vision, and we will artfully create your dream.

Over the years I have learnt that there are good ways and bad ways to build a home.

The New Zealand Building Code sets out minimum standards for residential buildings. These minimums are just that - minimums. Being a Licensed Building Practitioner I will ensure your home is built to Building Code standard. However building homes that exceed the minimum requirements are what we do best.  With our help you can create a home that is warmer, healthier and cheaper to run.

I enjoy building, but what I enjoy the most is helping to create people’s dreams. I look forward to helping you create yours.

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