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We Communicate

Homeowners often complain about poor communication from their builder.  At Third Little Pig we guarantee to communicate effectively and in a timely manner.  We will hold regular site visits with you to discuss your build.  You can request extra meetings at any time.  We are here to help. You will also have access to all documentation, building inspection reports and product warranties via our customised online project management system. This system also allows you to leave messages or questions for us.  We guarantee to respond within 48 hours (but usually a lot less).  If we don’t, we will give you a $100 restaurant voucher the next time we see you.

Outstanding workmanship guarantee

Early in 2015 there was a law change to force all builders to repair defects with their work for a 12 month period after completion of the work. We think you deserve better than that. Once we have finished building your home, we provide a full 24 month workmanship guarantee.  If there are any faults with our workmanship we will make it right. Guaranteed.

Long term peace of mind

Third Little Pig is a Homefirst 10 year Builders Guarantee accredited builder.  The Homefirst Guarantee is designed to provide you with complete peace of mind when building a new home, or making alterations or additions. 

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It is often difficult to picture exactly what your home will be like from just looking at the plans. With bigger home building companies, once you’ve signed off on the design, it’s difficult and expensive to make changes.  During your build with Third Little Pig, you are free to make changes at any stage.  You can make this window bigger, that wall shorter and move the toilet over there.  Any variations will be confirmed in writing, along with a cost for the changes, before your build team carries them out.


We want you to be proud of your new home. We also want you to be proud of the team that builds it.  Your build team will be kind, courteous and friendly at all times.  All our team members follow our ‘Rules of the Game’. We take pride in always having tidy, well organised building sites.

Rest Easy

Your build will be fully Project Managed by Third Little Pig.  We take care of all the scheduling, ordering, sub-trades, council inspections……. the list goes on.  When we need information from you, we will give you plenty of time to make the necessary decisions.  We will even send you a reminder a few days before we need the information.  Our systems are designed so you can Rest Easy, your new home is in very capable hands.

On Time

Once Building consent for your home has been issued, we will set a realistic timeframe for the build.  You will have a move in date to look forward to.  But let’s be honest, sometimes things out of our control cause delays. We’ll do our utmost to avoid this happening. But if it does we will keep you fully informed every step of the way.  We won’t make promises we can’t keep!

On Budget

Time and time again clients come to us with plans drawn up and ready to build, only to find that the cost of the project is well above what they have budgeted.  At Third Little Pig, we like to do things differently.  By working with you right from the start of the design phase, we can help ensure the project fits the budget.  Once concept plans have been drawn, we provide a preliminary budget. The designer will only proceed with working drawings once the design and budget are aligned. Once the final budget is set, it is continually tracked via our online project management system throughout the life of the project.

Free Home W.O.F 

Regular checking keeps things in tip top condition. You warrant and service your car, get your teeth checked at the dentist and run virus protection on your computer……………  But when did you last get your home checked?!  After you have built your new home with Third Little Pig, we will inspect it free of charge for the first three years.  Using our unique in house 98 point check system, we will inspect your house 6,12,18, 24 and 36 months after completion.  We are very confident that there won’t be any problems.  But if there is, regular checking will catch minor issues before they become major.  Now that’s definitely BETTER.

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